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Sweet kiss of the South

magnolia20blossom-mLive oaks line our neighborhood streets; magnolia trees are in many yards. They are tall elegant trees with leathery leaves perfect for arrangements and huge blossoms. Until I lived in this part of Texas and worked for the former Magnolia Oil Company—that became Mobil and now is Exxon-Mobil—and yes there are several large magnolia trees in front of their office building at the refinery,….I never knew that the smell of those blossoms was so pervasive and sweet.

The flowers are short-lived but the tree blooms for several weeks.magnolia20blossom20petal-m

I have a tree in my backyard that was a favorite tree-climber by my three sons—and a tree in front of my shop where my quilting machine and my apiary live. The tree in the backyard has bloomed every year; dropping pine-cone like seed pods. The tree at the shop just started blooming—the blossoms as large as dinner plates but only lasting a day.

And then there’s the wisteria and the honeysuckle—so much nicer than the smell of pulpwood processing.


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  1. Beautiful 🙂

    June 27, 2018

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