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Mom’s Legacy


My mother became a quilter in her later life and had a goal of a hand-quilted quilt for each of her six children–she accomplished that goal several years before she died of ovarian cancer and its complications.

But not satisfied with that goal being met, she set herself a new goal–a pieced top for each of her 19 or 20 grandchildren–I could count them but I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet this morning. She managed to get them all pieced–some were classes she took at a nearby quilt store and some were patterns she found in books. But she didn’t get them quilted and intended for them to be machine quilted because she thought they would get ‘hard use’. She left them all for me to complete.

I have worked hard at finishing them all up–aiming for weddings as the due date for them. Some of the grand-children have delayed that life event–giving me some breathing room but now I have one coming up in late September that will be the most difficult of all to complete. The one pictured here was pretty easy but this next one—hmm–it has uneven edging.

I have been advised to just cut off those fingers—but it seems not quite right–

Fortunately I have a few months yet to figure it out.

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