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Auctioning off Aunt Lucy


For the past several years I have contributed a small art work to both the Spotlight auction (6 X 8) and to the Benefit Auction (12 X 12); providing funds for Studio Art Quilt Associates otherwise known as SAQA. My pieces have either been an experimental new approach or working in my usual portraiture style. This year I am using vintage textile from my mother-in-law’s linen closet–hand embroidered with the backside as nice as the front and hand-crocheted edging topped with a printed image of one of my female ancestors. I used a prepared sheet of silk organza, printed it in black and white and then dyed the fabric with ColorHue dyes. I did a fair amount of stitching to fasten this piece to the plain muslin–a rather thick piece–reminiscent of feedsacks–and then mounted it on a canvas frame.

It has now arrived and is being prepped for the auction this fall.

Maybe I will pursue this adventure–I do have more linen closet finds to play with–and I have a local source for even more pieces–if this piece sells well.

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