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Sons and Daughters


The charming young woman on the left is named Jasmine. She was our waitress while eating at Pappadeaux in Houston during last year’s Quilt festival.

To the dismay of both of our families, we had chosen the name Jasmine Cordelia as a girl’s name. They fussed about no-one in the family with those names although my father had wanted to call me Cordelia.

But we had three sons–all named for various family members on both sides. Two have married and now I have two daughter-in-laws—one of whom insisted he spend the day with me!

We cleaned the shed at the shop in preparation for my honey freezer.

We measured and talked about a greenhouse and chicken run.

We talked about honey and bees and hives.

We inspected the yard; the brick he had put in a crepe myrtle tree as part of his castle that is now grown into the tree.

We rescued several Boy Scout booklets–fishing, citizenship, and firemanship as his oldest son has joined Boy Scouts.

We chatted with my youngest son as he was on his way to a shopping trip on his solitary day off from work in two weeks.

We ate Checkers burgers and curly fries–the shake machine wasn’t working.

He fed the dogs the few remaining fries as a treat–Toby adored him, Dora wasn’t about to miss out on a treat and did her best to do the tricks he required.

All in all a wonderful day—and although I could have wished for a Jasmine in my life, I have Marielys and Tiffany. Not to mention Savanna and Sadie.

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