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Sacred Space

You may have guessed that the last photo assignment was ‘Sacred Space’. It seemed really too easy to photo the inside of a cathedral/church/or other religious type building. I’m not sure why I want to make the assignment more challenging–but I thought about the space between a married couple; between a parent and the child; friends; personal space as defined by Americans versus other nationalities—but then on the way to the Mediterranean Festival yesterday, a solitary bench covered with vines caught my eye.

Some years ago we spent several days in Big Bend National Park; a place that has so many wonderful places to be and to see. One of the loveliest is a small waterfall grotto covered with ferns–it is at the end of a fairly long hike–and the cool greenery and the soft dripping of the water is a welcome reward.

This bench reminded me of that place.

The circles you see are called Bokeh–not dirt or dust on the lens. Taking photos with the sun nearly directly overhead and filtered through leaves creates this effect…I thought it appropriate for this subject.

And—just in case you were wondering, the kibbeh, cabbage rolls, and green bean dinner was just as wonderful as it has been each year–the dancers and musicians enthusiastic and the weather absolutely perfect.

Sylvia Weir Week 17 Sacred Place

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