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Lemon Tree Very Pretty

January and February of this year featured several intermittent weeks of cold–freezing cold. While this was not really all that remarkable if we still lived in Wisconsin; here in gulf coast Texas with citrus trees and poorly insulated houses it becomes a challenge.

Last summer the Meyer’s Lemon Tree produced in abundance. I had so many lemons I gave many away, froze some, made marmalade and pickled lemons–and still had some fresh to store in the refrigerator for cooking.

I wondered what I would do with the coming year’s crop.

Then the snow and the cold arrived and the rain.

we covered the lemon tree as bet we could with two old sheets. The satsuma (orange) was left on its own.. The lemon tree dropped all of its leaves and we were ready to go shopping for a new lemon tree. But then a few green tips appeared and then more and now that tree is covered with leaves. There is just one small sprig of flowers.l

The satsuma, however, was covered with flowers, filling the yard with its sweet scent.


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