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Piano Plunking

Sometime this past year, my oldest grandson expressed an interest in the piano–I have a baby grand in my living room–he thought he could ‘borrow’ it for a few months to see if he liked piano. I thought a better plan was to get a 88 keyboard to practice.

Armed with piano theory book and lesson book, we had our first lesson on Sunday. I have never taught piano but the local music store assured me that I could do so.

We sat at the keyboard and learned the names of our fingers–one, two three, four, and five–and then began to work on looking at the keyboard itself. His fingers and hands are small so a challenge to hold his hands properly and plunk away–but he grasped the concepts and is eager to fill the inside cover of his lesson book with the stickers I brought along to mark progress.

Fortunately his Daddy can read music from his violin days with Miss Aggie.

We followed that lesson with a piece of Oliver’s birthday cake–he hung onto my knee and eagerly accepted bits of my piece of his one year birthday cake served on the leg of my blue jeans.

Later we attempted family photos—using the ten second timer on my camera–hoping we ‘were not ‘doomed’ by my son’s need to set the camera and then stroll over to his place on the couch for the photo.

Driving home with sticky pants, a memory card to be down-loaded, and wonderful memories.

i-zzcvcct-mrefrigerator art inspired by Lil Rascals


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