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Sylvia Weir Week Three Obsessive Compulsive

Week Three’s prompt was Obsessive-Compulsive. I thought about arranging a group of pencils or other tools with one just slightly off kilter–but I much prefer to take photos of something I see–not something I arrange.

This group of puzzle pieces resides in one of four drawers in a fancy puzzle board my husband found on Amazon. I grew up putting puzzles together–in the winter or on rainy summer days. Our first task was always to separate out all the edge pieces and then to organize them by color–his idea was to just dump them all out and look randomly for pieces that fit—-so the puzzle sits with pieces neatly placed in drawers–many of them upside down, unsorted by any criteria—-but then he spies shapes; I see colors–and we both have our own way of organizing.

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