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Explosions of Color

Last Week’s photo assignment was color explosion.

Where to find any color in this dismal rainy for weeks on end landscape. Due to the cold there were no jonquils in bloom, no azaleas, just nothing! Even people wore grayish clothing as they hurried to their vehicles from their grayish rain soaked houses.

So—maybe the grocery store?

To my delight–the produce department was full of bright colored fruits and vegetables. I felt a bit odd taking photos and definitely did not carry in my tripod–and then there were people pushing me aside to finish up their shopping.sylvia20weir20week20five20exploding20with20color201-mimg_7478-mimg_7472-mimg_7473-m

I had turned on the date stamp on my camera–forgot to take it off–for the lunar eclipse. It is now turned off but I sort of like the colored date stamp in the lower corner of the photo.

Sylvia Weir Week Five Exploding iwth Color

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