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Blurred imagery doesn’t really appeal to me–it suggests someone (mostly me) moved while taking the photo. I far prefer clear photos without a lot of fancy photoshop work. I do use a few features–a stamp clone erase technique to simplify photos from telephone lines and the hanging mechanisms of my quilt art-works. I also will do a bit of cropping but try hard to avoid it by changing where I am standing, zooming in, or moving an offending object.

This photo was taken in the arboretum greenhouse of some statuary near a small waterfall. It is always humid and misty in there, and the waterfall adds its own mist. I’m not sure I am happy with the resultant photo but given that I am not going to deliberately blur a photo by moving–I do enough of that–it is my offering for Week Two.

ThisSylvia Weir Week Two Blurred week is obsessive-compuslive–either an example of–or something that drive that person mad.

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