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Remembering Barbara


A dear friend of mine passed away in 2017. She was a quilter and particularly fond of patriotic themes. She and I frequently sat together at a quilting bee meeting and always had a ready smile. She was always game for most things I asked–including the day that I took photos of her hands–well-worn, arthritic, and emblematic of so much life lived and loved for a photographic assignment.

We sat together one meeting while the next group project was displayed–it was a beautiful quilt with lots of hexagon flowers, vines, leaves–so intricate and made from Aunt Gracie type reproduction fabric.  Each member was to contribute half a dozen hexagon flowers–Barbara said she didn’t want to do it–those hexagons were too small for her–and I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t have that kind of fabric—. So we came up with a compromise–I would do her hexies if she would give me the fabric.

That quilt is still underway; and I am sure it will be gorgeous. I wanted to honor her memory with this small piece–about 15 by 15; backed by one of her patriotic fabric scraps, the hexies are from her fabrics–but a larger size than those I made for that quilt. It is destined to go to her husband–another dear friend.


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