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Cherries and Snow on the RoofTops


In anticipation of grandchildren arriving I mixed up a batch of sugar cookies–for us to roll out and cut out stars and puppies and hearts and whatever their hearts desired from my stash of cookie cutters. But then they were running a bit of fever—and so had to stay home—-

Holed up in my sewing room–it was entirely too cold in the kitchen for me to hang out in there–we had the fan running to keep the washing machine defrosted, I let the dough linger. Snow was reported by some last night and this morning I could see snow on all the neighbors’ rooftops. A mere dusting of powder–but snow.

The days have been so dreary but today the sun came out. That snow melted rather quickly and the kitchen was warm enough for me to spend a few minutes with that cookie dough. I used the last of one flask of honey as the sweetener after converting it from it’s sugared state to liquid.

Tomorrow a Shaker lemon pie and maybe the start of some more marmalade.

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  1. Love to hear from you!!

    January 4, 2018

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