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Folding Money


Our days, if we really ever had them, of toasting in the New Year until the wee hours of the morning are long gone—but we do hold to the tradition of Black-eyed Peas and Cabbage along with Champagne for New Year’s Day main meal. Our neighbors were still celebrating with fireworks and gunshots last night and so rather than face a ripped apart door from a dog weighing 60 pounds and desperately wanting IN rather than just under the breakfast room table, both dogs spent the night in our bedroom.

The temps outside (and inside) are definitely not toasty–my fingers prickling with cold even though I am wearing double socks and double shirts and huddled under a couple of quilts. But I did manage to prepare cabbage–a sweet-sour stir-fry cabbage that even my boys in the age when pizza or hamburgers were favored fare–gobbled up–even without the implied promise of cash in the future.

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