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Puttering Away on a Vintage Pfaff

In past years I would undress the Christmas tree, put away assorted decorations, and in general tidy up. Several loads of laundry would be done in preparation for a return to school, thank you notes written–usually on the bottom of the annual Christmas letter that invariably was sent out late.

Now, my three boys have homes of their home—I have doled out the ornaments to each of them–and enjoy driving down the streets seeing holiday decorations I don’t have to put up or taken down. While limited somewhat in physical activity with assorted physical ills, I spend a lot of time in my sewing room—

When my trusted Pfaff 7570 and its sister 7550 began to have problems–one with tension issues, the other one eagerly continuing to stitch after I thought I had completed the intended seam, I pulled out this old machine.

This machine was a leftover from my sewing machine shop img_7032-mdays–and had been well-used by its former owner. Once oiled up, threaded properly (with help from husband), I discovered it used precisely the same bobbins and bobbin carrier as did the many generations of Pfaffs using rotary hooks. The stitch is perfect–and it hums along at my bidding.

img_7030-mThe only hitch–is replacing the bobbin–my hands simply do not fit into that small opening–I think the original owner would have changed the bobbin by blindly reaching underneath. Still what a wonderful improvement from hand-stitching.


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