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Visions of Colorado


When we moved to Texas from Georgia, our origins being Wisconsin and Minnesota, my parents were excited to come see us—a grandchild being just one enticement.

Mom would call me once a week worried about flooding in other parts of the state, or huge blizzards cutting off power in the plains or a hurricane projected to demolish Brownsville—having little concept of the size of Texas and how many hours it would take to drive to those far away spots in the state.

When they finally arrived, they were sorely disappointed to find no cowboys riding the streets, no dust, no saloons with horses tied up outside, no cattle drives through the middle of town. Instead they found a coastal city with a few palm trees, abundant water, no winter except for an occasional day here and there but not even every year. Hurricanes were real but like blizzards a thing that could be planned for–in stocking up supplies–a bit different from the blizzard preparation but preparation none the less.

So I had always imagined Colorado as being just one huge set of mountains everywhere, always snow-capped. They boys and I went to Estes Park for a week of continuing education for me and lots of outdoor activities for them–including horseback riding–at the conclusion of that day they thought themselves expert.

My next trip to Colorado was to the southeastern corner not far from New Mexico–in the summer–it was green and lush–and lots of wildlife to see. Sunflowers were on the roadsides of every small road and the few mountains I did see did have snow caps but there were many that did not.

My last trip to Colorado was in mid November—the snow caps were there on a few mountains but the plains were now golden. Although Colorado is considerably smaller than Texas, it too has many faces to enjoy.

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  1. I grew up in Austin. Which part of Texas did you move to? My parents are from Michigan, so not yo far from your origins. I now live in Michigan myself and love it. I miss Austin, though. Love your post and photo!

    December 22, 2017
  2. coastal Texas–between Houston and Louisiana. I think they had John Wayne in mind–that movie about the Alamo—and the Alamo is surrounded by trees and grass–not dust and cacti–a surprise to me too the first time we took our three boys there. Austin reminds me in many ways of Madison Wisconsin my Alma Mater.

    December 22, 2017

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