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Sylvia Weir Ominous Week 44 challenge was something ominous. It seemed far to easy to find some nasty looking clouds except we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine the entire week. Since I was in Houston I decided to see if I could find something there.

I tried the lily pond which sadly had only three blossoms–the murky depths filled with algae looked somewhat scary but it is hard to focus on cloudy muddy water–and it just looked like a mess–and a poor shot.

Then looking at all the rebuilding, and huge cranes atop large buildings–how did they get them up there? Helicopter?

And what if that boom fell–wasn’t there one that fell in a city this past summer? What if it hit a large totally glass building and I was standing there looking up?

Maybe not so ominous but that was the best I could find.


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