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Is Wheat a grass?

Last week’s photo assignment was ‘grass’. I’ve been busy with a few other things around here but wanted to get back into the routine of meeting the weekly challenges. Usually I do not look at the other challenge photos until I have posted mine–and it seems there are others who also do so. This time, though, I peeked. There were gorgeous closeups of clumps of grass and expansive lawns and even one of a llama with a mouthful.

A year or so ago, my farm renter planted red winter wheat. It wasn’t so successful but there were a few stalks standing. I plucked them and put them on my dashboard to remind me of my farm.  They have slowly dried to the point of falling apart.

I carefully picked up what was left and put it on my front stoop–cement that has seen over a century of moss and rain and weather. As is my usual, I do very little in Photoshop–perhaps the image would benefit from some manipulation.Sylvia Weir Grass

And yes, wheat is a grass.

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