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Rusting Architecture

This week’s photo assignment to find a bit of architectural detail that could be called abstract. Last year someone did a lovely shot of window blinds but I decided to wander around outside and find something interesting.

I live in the Historic District and so there is always something interesting to see–just walking down the street the opposite way of usual–or taking a different route for daily activities. I ended up with this shot of the screening on my laundry room. The screening is rusting as it is exposed to the elements–a very moist and humid world in this part of Texas. However, the roof overhang prevents direct rainfall unless it is a hurricane horizontal rain.

Speaking of rain and weather; a mere half hour after taking a series of photographs of this part of my house, rain began falling–I am a fair weather photographer–so I retreated indoors–with this photo as my entry for this week’s assignment.

Sylvia Weir Architectural detail

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