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No More Rats

Some weeks ago, I began hearing scritching noises in the wall next to my computer desk in the living room. I assumed it was the dogs on the other side in the kitchen or the hall bathroom. But it was not.

I discovered evidence of a rat invasion. Not surprising—we live only four blocks from the railroad switching yard and the dogs had been at the kennel for a week or so during a driving trip. They are usually not invited on these trips as they tend to want to drive–and don’t really signal their turns and can’t really reach the clutch or brake.

We tried sticky traps and rat traps to no avail. I called the pest control people who arrived with twenty pound bait boxes and identified their point of entry being the laundry room underskirt. At one time there was a fairly complete hardware cloth covering this opening but the dogs–and access to assorted plumbing issues had pretty much torn it all away.

After the rats were gone, I had to replace that hardware cloth—rolling away the blocks and using fencing staples to attach that hardware cloth. Fortunately it came in five foot rolls–something light enough for me to carry and easy enough to handle–although I was soaked by the time I finished this project.

This was not “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” but this person hates rats and now they can go bother someone else instead of me. Fitting the wire around that gas meter was not easy but wire clippers and a bit of patience completed the job.


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