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Lunar Landing

In 1969 our parents let all of us stay up late to watch the landing on the moon. Although reporting seemed to be much more factual than opinion at that time–there were details omitted from that occasion. One thing was that Buzz Aldrin, an elder at Webster Presbyterian Church off Nasa Road 1 took communion before opening the hatch and stepping out. Every Sunday closest to July 20, that church celebrates Lunar Landing as one of its High Holy Days.

An exhibit of the Apollo missions was on display in the sanctuary–a beautiful space filled with gorgeous abstract stained glass windows by Steven Wilson. The sermon was an eulogy for John Glenn and Annie, both members of that church also–Annie played the organ, John was also an elder and preached several times.

I was fortunate enough to have my piece about Dick Gordon hung. And here I am standing near it—here20i20am20with20my20piece-m

It was a spectacular show beautifully displayed. To my surprise I was welcomed by the associate pastor and greeted by the art director. There will be another meeting on Friday night; I’d love to go but it would mean driving back in the dark–I’m not so good at that any more. We’ll see how brave I am.

Tomorrow I’ll describe some of my process in making the piece.

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