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Sylvia Weir Curves

This week’s assignment was CURVES. And I found plenty of curves in an industrial lot with lots of metal parts all lined up around the edge of the pavement.

The reason I found them was that I was hunting for the skateboard park–as in last week’s assignment of WAVES but had to double back to see where it might be. Beaumont has a large industrial component along with rice dryers and the port and so this was not a surprise. The surprise was how many different large iron thingies there were–and then there was a large covered shed with even more–but it was beginning to rain and get dark and dinner was waiting and I had about two dozen photos of just these round thingies.

Stopping to get photos in unexpected places doesn’t take all that much time–just a camera with fully charged battery and a relatively empty memory card and the willingness to stop and just take a few minutes is all it needs. I’ve gotten some great photos this way—and some terrible ones—the delete button works just great!

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