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Chick a Boom

For some reason I wanted to have backyard chickens. Maybe it was the idea of eggs with nice really yellow yolks or maybe it was just wanting more livestock and a reason to not travel so much. But after we built the chicken coop–we needed to populate it.

Off to Tractor Supply.

There were five or six chicken varieties there including banties–my favorite but Glen wanted larger eggs. So we got four leghorns and two Cornish reds or maybe they were Wyandottes–or maybe that is the same.

The clerk asked me if I wanted any particular ones. I said no–and he just chased them around until he captured the requested number and put them in a cardboard box. I thought we could keep them in one of the dog crates we have–not sure why we had two different sizes. It is still a bit cool in the evenings and so we set them up in the dining room with a watering device and a chick feeder.

Then Toby had to see. She stared at those little chicks–who all screamed–the sky is falling!

We decided the coop would not resist a dog intrigued by these little creatures and so off we went to Tractor Supply again—after going to Cars and Coffee—where I TOUCHED a McLaren–a quarter of a million dollar car—I don’t think I left any fingerprints.

Putting in TPosts is a lot easier with a post driver–but that was at the shop—so Glen went to the shop and collected the driver—we put up a few until I was eaten up by tiny mosquitoes and retreated to the house.

Today I had to clean the dog crate–they all screamed the sky is falling and then WE ARE STARVING!!!!. They now have a clean crate, clean water, and a quarter jar of chicken feed that they dove into.

And if anyone is interested—I photoshopped out the poopie.


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  1. Sherry Walker #

    Babies!!! Baby biddies!!! 🐔🐓

    Sent from my iPhone


    April 16, 2017

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