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Grandma Pleasures

Oliver now weighs ten pounds; I still had my grandma touch but he was hungry.

But James was ready to play with Grandma.

First we read his new Winnie the Pooh book. He is reading some fairly hard words—like delicious! He is full of laughter and smiles and enthusiasm–just as I remember his father. We talked about his recent field trip to a farm where he got to milk a cow–by hand. …along with a lot of other children. That had to be one patient cow.

We had to open the box of shortbread cookies—chocolate Scottie dogs and he ate one and then another–quite spoiling his dinner I am sure—but isn’t that a prerogative of being grandma.

Then we inspected his Lego creations, set off the Lunar Lander–over the balcony onto the fireplace–the astronauts landed on their heads but they didn’t seem to complain. We exited the upstairs with a demonstration of allligators crawling down the stairs—James–NOT Grandma–although I could have gotten down–it would have been more interesting to see how I got up!

Two bird feeders outside the front door were school projects and it seemed the birds really like the paper cup coated with seeds as only a few remained.

It was far too short a visit–but it will have to last for a month or so.img_5223-m

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