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Last week’s assignment was Square.

I thought about Hollywood Squares, squaring up to a task, blocks, squaring up a quilt or block, squaring up a debt—and then…

Glen’s bee hive arrived. He bought it un-assembled–it takes less money to ship and it isn’t that hard to put together. All the pieces are milled and with some glue, a square, and the dogs in the kitchen–they tend to want to help by licking our faces or pawing at the parts we are working on—and a rainy day–like Sunday—it doesn’t take long to knock them together.

After our first bee class, we discovered we needed different frames–and so  I will be ordering different frames and foundation sets–these will have wire hooks and are supposed to last longer–particularly if you are using a honey extractor. I’ve had only done drip and drain and then strain honey–and so my foundations are still in pretty good shape–good enough to last for at least this next season and maybe more.

Sylvia Weir Square

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