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Rock Art on the Rio Grande


After finishing up Social Security disability exams for the day, there was enough sunlight left in a beautiful day made for outdoors to go back to Seminole Canyon for another visit.

The rock art here is 4000 years old and has weathered in past years due to the building of the Amistad Reservoir.

Pictographs or rock art are always fascinating–what were they depicting? are these stories or documents of hunting trips or every day life? Who painted them? Some of them are painted very high up on the rock face–did they use ropes to dangle down to paint?

I spent some time working on a few photos with photoshop to see if I could enhance some of them to bring out more detail. I took quite a few–so it is a project for a rainy day this summer.

However, the photos of the day are here:

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  1. Hello! Your first (enhanced?) photo of the wall art/pictograph is truly spectacular!

    I have Done a lot of hiking in Grand Gulch etc all over the years w my ex, and saw tons of amazing stuff – but this one takes the cake!!

    Good luck with the disability appl!!!



    February 22, 2017
    • hi Pam
      Glad you liked my photos. I haven’t done any enhancing of the ones in the gallery–or the previous gallery–just some judicious editing of the number of photos placed in the galleries. And those disability exams–I was the one going through the paperwork and examining the prospective claimants—sometimes I see people that I want to write–hurry up-=this guy doesn’t have much longer to live–or-go get a job!
      I’ll be working on enhancing the photos this summer—maybe–unless something else strikes my fancy.

      February 22, 2017

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