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A minor Fall

Two weeks ago the photo assignment was to use the lyrics of Hallelujah written by Leonard Cohen as inspiration. Although the song is not new I had heard it about three months ago and was intrigued to read the full lyrics.

So—-what to do with this song that describes human foibles and frailties and a desperate search for God and meaning and hope?

I could not think of a single image that would convey that idea–it needed to be Music (already done by Cohen) or a dance (Martha Graham could do it or perhaps Patrick Swayze–but those options are not realistic). So then what about being quite concrete about it?

I found a plastic knight in the toybox in the closet. I positioned him in front of a Mexican flower pot having reportedly fallen over a sea shell. His foolish grin, his outstretched arms perhaps purvey the absurdity of man’s search for meaning when it is already within.SylviaWeir%20Halleluja%20A%20minor%20Fall-M.jpgsylviaweirHalleluja a minor fall

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  1. Linda Miles #

    By Jove, I think you’ve got it!

    February 8, 2017

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