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Lazy Mornings


There are nights in which I do not sleep well. Some of that reflects my twenty plus years as an ER physician with lots of late night doings–and the necessity for getting up at 3AM for the drive to work. And then there is the back pain that persists despite several surgeries (although vastly improved). And so I steal downstairs to read my email, process photos, let the dogs out, and press the button to start the coffee pot.

After a bit, the dogs want back inside–treats await them. But after that treat Toby usually goes back to sleep but Dora makes her way up the stairs, nudges open the bedroom door and finds Glen still attempting to sleep. She pushes his arm repeatedly–she needs belly rubs–see her smile at her success.

What would we do without these dogs to enliven our days?

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  1. Settling. The strong ‘string’ of finding peace. Peace after 20 years of ER, 20 years of habit. Peace from the persistent pain. Accepting some level of peace is still more than before. Peace in routine and family. Thank you for putting a good moment into words.

    February 2, 2017

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