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A blossom amidst gray skies


our weather in this part of Texas can only be described as dreadfully dreary. Gray skies, misty rain, and sometimes deluges with yards like soaked sponges. Tonight it will be cold so in come the orchids, the poinsettias, the Christmas Cactus, the Night blooming Cereus, the prayer plant. The pineapple is covered with a plastic pot and the tiny mums are covered with a plastic bag. The grass is brownish in most spots and the peach tree and the fig have dropped their leaves. The ferns are curled up brown feathers and it is just dismal.

But then as I drive away to a morning appointment I spy this.

A gardenia blossom.

It smells wonderful and reminds me of the large bush growing outside our covered porch in Augusta Georgia. The fragrance would waft it’s way through the house and we contemplated naming a daughter Jasmine after this sweet smelling flower.

Alas, no daughters–I had to wait for the daughter-in-laws but they are just as sweet as those pure white flowers.

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