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Self Portrait

Once a year –actually the past two years-==I’ve had to do a self portrait as the assignment for the photography class I’m taking with Ricky Tims and a huge crew of very talented photographers. I do not like self portraits–and I discovered that most of the others didn’t either. So—

I set up the tripod in our bedroom. To be sure I had it aimed correctly I asked my husband to sit on the couch. He obliged with one of his intellectual poses.


So now it was all ready. All I had to do was push the timer and rush to be seated. But he decided I needed some props–the coffee cup was already there–and Dora was on the floor next to his computer. Dora laid down on his pillow behind me and sniffed at my neck.


it is very tickly as you might imagine. Perhaps Toby might be convinced to pose.


nope–too much clutter in the background. Time to move the angle of the camera.


a bit of cropping and this is what I submitted. I am still in my nightgown and that is my second cup of coffee.

Tomorrow–the self portrait I did in fiber.

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