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Bits and Pieces


One of the fun things I like to do when I’m not really in the mood to start a real art project—and also–I admit to clean up some of the bits and pieces and starts and stops and experiments and samples–is to turn them into notebook covers.  My middle son used Marble notebooks to draw his designs, make notes on things he was doing with his motorcycle, adaptations to his unicycle and so forth. The notebooks are the perfect size to carry around, large enough to allow drawings and notes. I use them for my morning pages and journaling, each one lasting about six months or so.

These particular covers were experiments by a friend who was pulling out some things to look at and wondered what she could do with them—and another one said—well, Sylvia can make them into notebook covers for you.

And so they went home with me–and here are the results.

I typically use a background piece that is long enough and tall enough to wrap completely around the notebook and the inside flap. In this case it was red corduroy. Sometimes there is a lot of stitching to hold things together–sometimes not. Some are woven strips, some are just patched together pieces, and a few are like a fiber postcard sewn carefully onto the notebook cover—not so easy but certainly possible.

in the near future some of my notebooks will be on sale at the Quilt Museum in LaGrange Texas. Or you could ask me to make you a notebook cover from some of your bits and pieces.

Here is a sneak peak at some of those notebooks


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