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moon20light-mI am a morning person–partially because my work involved me getting up at 3:30 in the morning to be on the road to be at work by 7.I always had a breakfast before I got in my truck to drive off—with a cup of coffee snuggled next to me–the cupholders not fitting my Starbucks thermos mug. Then I would have second breakfast when I arrived.

In earlier years I would get up at 5 on Thursdays to make a batch of sugar cookies to send to my son’s school for their snack–it was fun to choose different cut outs themed for the time of the year. But on other days my husband and I would listen to Radio Reader while drinking our first coffee of the morning, It was a half hour of entertainment and blissful quiet togetherness.

Last month I captured these two photographs on two separate days in Virginia where we visited my mother-in-law.



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