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Blue stem Prairie and Repetition

img_3809-mI have made many trips to Wisconsin in my lifetime–first from Georgia where we lived for 8 years, and then from Texas. At first it was with children on their way to be with their grandparents, then for me to look after my aging parents and to settle their estates, and now to check in on my farm.

We have taken several routes, my least favorite being through St. Louis–traffic is always unpleasant and there are several turn requiring entrance from the left and exit from the right in short order.

But this was the first time we ventured through the BlueStem Prairie–complete with signage to tell us what we were looking at. I think we were in the northwestern part of Iowa.

This prairie is composed of a type of grass that provides excellent nutrition for cattle–and in days past, cattle were brought from other parts and allowed to graze here before their final trip to the stockyards. This prairie extended through Minnesota, the Dakotas, Kansas and Nebraska and is still where you might see cattle grazing and huge piles of hay.


I could not get all of the bales in on this shot.img_3805-m

here are the cattle


And not to forget—the city I was born in is ‘Prairie du Chien’—prairie of the dog—I guess there were prairie dogs there–none there currently–just the domestic kind of various breeds plus the Heinz 57 variety

Those stacks of hay bales may be featured in a future art piece—but there are several more ahead of it in the making.


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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    Sylvia, I lived on remnant blue stem prairie just outside of Round Rock, TX. It was a magical place, totally different from the rest of Texas. I loved it.

    December 8, 2016
    • I’ve been to Round Rock–it is so different from this part of Texas–and that is one of the things I like about this state–so many different climates and vegetations

      December 8, 2016

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