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Seeing the Familiar with Fresh Eyes


Familiar objects become common place and our eyes glaze over them and not really see them—-unless you leave and then return years later to those same spots.

This is a seed pod taken on the end gate of my truck—the truck that has carried me 480,000 miles to work and to family occasions and to motorcycle races and to workshops but mostly to work. It is the first vehicle I have every bought just for me—and while it is a lighter red (autumn gold) than I would have liked it has carried me safely through all these miles. In fact, it appeared in many photos during its early years–not so many now as it has aged–gracefully with a few scrapes here and there but now sports a new seat cover.

Familiar things make us feel safe but looking at them with the eyes of someone who may not have seen this before can only enhance our enjoyment.

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