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Sliced Vegetables

Cutting up vegetables is a task most of us who spend any time in the kitchen do without too much thought. Some of us are particular regarding the knives and the cutting boards and of course the quality of the vegetable—and the kind.

My pantry was rather lean as I am preparing for a trek in a few days or so–but I nearly always have onions—as did many others in the same class.

I used a chef’s knife to slice an onion in half on an oak cutting board my father made for me. I like tiny sliverss of onion in place of lettuce sometimes–the crunch–and the mild flavor of some of the sweet onions –Vidalio being my favorite even though I am in Texas where 1015 onions are the substance of braggadocio. I’ve had Walla Wallas from Washington state and Bermuda onions–the purple ones and then there are red ones too.

This onion was a regular plain yellow onion in a mesh bag from the grocery store. I set up my tripod, took many photos–cropped a bit and then had some fun playing with filters–I chose solarize.


Weir sliced vegetables

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