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Barns and Sheds

Abandoned rice dryers are a common site in this part of Texas where rice is grown and harvested alternately with crawfish. In the midwest they are grain elevators–and explosions and fires occur frequently due to the heat of the grain. The first dryer had a live-in guard who mowed the grass and lived quite primitively in a section of the shed attached to the dryer. He wasn’t able to tell me much about how they operated but I wandered around and took some photos.

Further up the street was another dryer that was fenced in by a tall chain link fence and a guard dog who wagged his tail at me—but the human guard was much more vigilant. I took a few photos here and submitted this one for my assignment—although I considered an alternate from Home Depot–all the sample sheds lined up in a row.

Weir Sheds

But this is the one that I chose.

Weir Rice Dryer

more photos of the rice dryers are here:

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