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Wabi Sabi or the beauty in the weathered

Weir Wabi SabiThe photographic assignment for the past week was Wabi Sabi–or the beauty in those things broken or otherwise ‘not new’.

I thought about taking a picture of my face—but I am more than a bit camera shy when it comes to photos of myself. So then I thought about all the things I have that are treasures from the past–all imbued with memories of people and events.

This chair was one of four I bought in our first house in Georgia. They had woven rush bottom seats that wore out after ten or so years. I tried to repair them with cushions and a piece of board–but sadly they were quite miserable to spend more than a few minutes seated.

My parents came to see our house in Texas; my father took one look at those chairs and decided he could repair them. He bought a spool of polypropylene cord and spent two days weaving a seat on that chair. The chair now sits outside my old shop–where my longarm quilting machine lives–and then there’s the beehive behind the containers.

Then I discovered this vacant house and took photos from a variety of angles but decided I liked this one best.old20house20on20major20drive-m


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