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An Evening with the Arts

No photos of the artwork was allowed at this event–the Dishman gallery was packed full of people for the annual Faculty Showcase and a local photographer’s work featuring local bayous in Orange County.

My husband agreed to come with me–and wandered about politely inspecting the works and declared he liked the work by Linnis Blanton, a ceramics instructor. I always enjoy Linnis’ work as it expresses his joy in his medium with no angst or struggles to reach some ethereal level of ‘art’–pronounced with a prominent H!.

Another selection featured Kurt Dyrhaug’s new work involving 3-d printing with overlays of metal–an interesting process he explored this past summer in Germany.

Keith Carter worked with the French 1902 science fiction silent movie based on Jules Verne’s book–a favorite of mine—and colorized still images. He likes to do experimental work to present at this opening while continueing his ‘regular’ work in black and white.

Other work by remaining faculty was on display but other than the oversize charcoal drawings by C. Troutman–were not so impelling.

Then to the bayou photos—unfortunately the majority were out of focus or poorly exposed or perhaps over-photoshopped. They were indeed a disapointment as that area is rich in visual delights as you can see in my photos of Shangrila, a garden in the center of Orange—Texas that is.


Here is a link to that movie—

and to some of my photos of the bayou.


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