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Improvise and Make do


Here I am in front of my second assignment in Improvisation with Ricky Tims ( in lovely LaVeta Colorado. ( )

Note the pile of tiny slivered scraps behind my machine keeping that coffee cup warm. And all that thread which I will not use during this week. And underneath my table is the canvas and backings I brought to finish up small pieces—that I thought I would be working on this week.

I brought my two laundry baskets full of solids and prints that I dyed for Nancy Crow workshops in the past( —I am still using those fabrics but have added some prints–and as you can—vibrant ones. The question is always=-==will I have enough of this one to use in this project or should I choose something else. I picked out some fabrics that I knew I had at least a half yard or more to begin.

Tomorrow I start the next piece.

And I’ll see something like this on my way to the workshop.



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  1. Sherry Walker #

    Dear friend, it appears that you have been very busy! Have fun!

    August 4, 2016
  2. s #

    Yes, the days have been very full. The class is small and I’ve enjoyed visiting with everyone. Ricky and Justin have dogs–and I get to go upstairs to pet them. I’m starting on a new piece today or maybe three–just not sure at this point. Still getting used to the altitude here.

    August 4, 2016

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