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On the way to beat the heat


On the way to Colorado quilt retreat, I stopped several times as I had allotted three full days for travel. My first stop was in Fort Worth at Texas Wesleyan University to visit with my oldest son and see his office space, labs, and his hopefully new house in Burleson. Then on to Clayton Texas where I had a meal at the Rabbit Ear Saloon and noted all the dinosaur imagery–and contemplated a trip to the dinosaur tracks.

But I decided to drive on—and found Capulen Mountain National Monument. This is an extinct volcano and I managed to walk around the rim and captured the above photo among many others.

Arriving in Colorado I had several hours free and decided that perhaps a visit to the Sand Dunes might be in order. That meant driving about 2 hours and a mountain pass of 9200 feet—no problem for my truck even when on biodiesel. Photos of that are on my next photo card—tomorrow–

It has been an interesting trip so far–I was surprised at the amount of rain that has fallen–and long lines of rail cars in New Mexico—snow fences in Colorado–and tire chain stations on both sides of the mountain—and of course all the notices regarding snakes at all the rest stops.

Here are the remaining photos:


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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    Love your photos. It’s not fair that you got so much talent.

    August 1, 2016
  2. it’s easy to seem talented when you have great subject matter—and thanks to a great photography teacher who taught composition

    August 1, 2016

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