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Two Figs and Three Cherry Tomatoes


What is is about freshly picked produce that makes it taste so wonderful? And if it is something you have grown yourself? So much better.

About two years ago my husband and I went to the Master Gardener’s sale at the local airport. I bought a peach tree and he bought a fig tree. The fig tree was about 8 inches tall while my peach tree was about 5 feet tall and had three peaches on it.

That fig tree looked pretty sad and tiny for the first year but now it has grown quite a bit and now has lots of figs on it–all about the size of a quarter. Two have been plundered by birds. My peach tree had quite a few tiny peaches on it but threw them all off in our Noah’s Ark deluge of several weeks. I guess it just doesn’t like having wet feet.

So later today I will taste those figs–and put those tomatoes on a nice salad. Alas my lettuce has gone to seed–too hot here for good lettuce–and since I have had inroads of the native grasses into my raised beds, I will be going to all stock tanks for my raised beds–less bending over for me–and no invasive grass.


And I need to water my bees–a pet watering system from Tractor Supply—a fun place to shop.


And then back to the workroom for my latest art piece—maybe I’ll show that tomorrow or the next day.

And in case you wanted to know why there is a pocket knife in the photo? It is Weir family tradition to include your Swiss Army knife as a reference for size. My knife is securely put away in my desk drawer  to avoid confiscation while trying to do things like pay taxes at the courthouse or maybe fly somewhere. It along with my tape measure were always part of my purse or backpack contents along with a sketchbook–no lipstick though.

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