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Upside Down and a Call

This past week’s challenge was to do something upside down. I had the perfect photo of myself over a tenaha in Big Bend but alas I was not willing to drive ten hours and drag a tripod over the trail to repeat the photo.

But I spied these three flags flying over the Veterans Bank in Del Rio where I was spending a day doing disability exams for Social Security—a challenging task.

I usually don’t do a lot of manipulation of my photos—I prefer to compose a photo and not even crop it. But this one required some erasing of a top of building, telephone and electrical lines–not something I am really good at. But turning it upside down was pretty easy with Photoshop Elements.

Flying a flag upside down is a distress signal nautically–and so these flags are upside down and at half mast. Weir Upside Down

I’m not sure if I agree with flying flags at half mast to indicate sorrow; perhaps we should fly them high in defiance.

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