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Sunday afternoon Cowgirls

One of the great joys of motherhood is granmotherhood—and this past Sunday I was delighted to spend a couple of hours with my youngest son Joey, his wife Tiffy, and their two children Sawyer and Savanna.

I had sewn a special outfit for Savanna and her American Girl doll —a red gingham blouse with denim skirt and vest.

We read some books, I presented Sawyer with some squished pennies, Savanna tried on her new outfit–Grandma discovered that either the skirt in the picture did not match the pattern–or Savanna is a very tall little girl with long legs as that skirt was far too short—as was the doll’s. And I need to adjust my outfit choices for ones that are easier for little fingers to put on.

But all in all, a wonderful day—and luckily this Grandma had enough of that denim left over to cut a new and much more modest skirt.savanna20and20jj20in20their20new20cowgirl20outfit-m

img_2345-mand here she is with a smile but a bit blurry.

and here is Sawyer and Savanna and Joey.savanna20and20sawyer20with20joey-m


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