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This past week’s assignment was ‘paper’. I had no good ideas–except to photo the morning paper on my sidewalk. Unfortunately we have had rain nearly every day–and so photo talking outdoors has been a challenge—and the paper is usually a soggy Paper Mache mess dripping water or even imitating a pitcher pouring out liquid that usually lands on either my feet or my lower legs.

My other idea was a still life with cup of coffee, partially worked crossword puzzle and pencil but then the light was really of low quality and at that time of the morning I was disinclined to set up lights and so forth.

Then there was the spiderweb built every morning across the boxwood hedge necessitating a trip through the hedge waving my arms as though I am back in my teen years dancing to what is now the oldies music of rock and roll. A challenge indeed while wearing a back brace, progressive lenses which lie about the precise location of my feet, and steps made slippery with moss giddy from the profusion of rain.


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