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That Moment of Decision

first shot of the week

This past week’s assignment was to select very carefully the first photo of the week. Since I have been recovering—slowly—much too slowly for my taste and ambition—I have not been very active–and we have had a regular Noah’s Ark type of rain deluging the area.

Getting out and about has been difficult but Sunday I ventured as far as ‘the field’==an empty plot of land with a large live oak tree, several pecan trees, and some swampy areas forming a lovely home for mosquitoes. This area was the playground of my sons who played motorcycle there much to the dismay of the apartment dwellers who slept during the day and played rap music in their cars at one or two in the morning.

But I digress.

We have a very large magnolia tree in our backyard and it is covered with blooms—very high up–I would need to climb the tree or get out the ladder—not an easy project wearing a back brace and limited to lifting no more than 10 pounds. However, the across the street neighbor has a magnolia tree with blooms much closer to the ground. This poor tree was struck by lightening several years ago and now has a dead top but a very lush set of lower branches.


I took several photos of the blossoms including a closeup of the interior of the flower but according to directions posted just the first photo.


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  1. Simply stunning photo…it would make a beautiful quilt! I always love reading your posts – they are like getting letters from a friend.

    May 31, 2016
  2. thanks Beth–I enjoy writing–and the photography–and the sewing–. I do work primarily from my own photographs so I don’t have to worry about copyright issues. Sometimes I think I should narrow down my posts to fewer topics but I seem to wander around a bit– I think focusing on just one aspect is a bit boring–or maybe even a lot boring. I find people intriguing–and the more interesting little details I learn make that person so much more a person.

    May 31, 2016

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