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Weir Macrocosm IVThis week’s assignment was Macrocosm. I missed last week’s assignment of discarded or abandoned. I thought about a bicycle thrown done, clothes in a pile on the floor, a dog gazing through the window and I tried a few shots. Back surgery is something that takes time to recuperate from–and I was less than one week post op at the time. So I let it slide.

However, I am now a bit more mobile and tried for some shots of the hundred plus year old crepe myrtles that encircle our equally venerable house. Crepe myrtles have very fragile branches that seem to break off with great regularity–but then they withstand hurricane force winds by letting the wind filter through them. The only times we have had roof damage was to the two corners of the house not encased by crepe myrtles.

Weir Macrocosm !The trees have a silvery pinkish green bark that falls off in strips as the tree expands it’s trunk in response to rain and sunshine. Funky knobs form at levels of injury–whether it be man-made or nature. I took several photos of these knobs–the ones that I could get close enough to without using a ladder.

And then there was a tiny little weed flower about half an inch across —a weed that needs pulling.

Weir Macrocosm III

or the duckweed from the pond.

Weir Macrocosm II

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    Love your weed. Ir’s beauriful!

    April 24, 2016

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