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This week’s assignment was to do a fantasy photo. I imagined fairies and dragons and Star Trek/Wars images–destined for book covers or movie posters. I wasn’t that thrilled.

However, I noticed an interesting article in the local newspaper about an installation of giant ‘bug’s in a nearby garden–ShangriLa. It seemed perfect.

Although we have had many lovely days with sun and warm but not hot temps, Wednesday was overcast and looked like rain. But we set out–as this week had many other required activities.

ShangriLa was filled with lots of school field trips and a few senior citizen groups. Of course I was pleased to claim that status for the $1 less admission fee. We opted to not do the boat tour but thought the butterfly house might be fun.

Workers are everywhere, hauling trimmings, planting, weeding–we found a spade stuck in a flower bed.

I took a lot of photos, and tried to get my husband to pose as a terrified human in front of them–but he merely looked annoyed.

The butterfly house was disappointing–several dead or dying monarchs and a few zebras flitting about. The orchid house–was full of blooms and a wonderful scent.

The sculptures of the bugs were composed of wood and metal–the praying mantis weighed over 2000 pounds. The dragon fly was anchored in the middle of the moon pool.

The installation will be up through the end of May and then it will move on.

Weir Fantasypraying20mantis-m





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