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JAM time

One of the benefits of JAM–that’s juried artist member or maybe we are PAM’s now–not really sure–is inclusion of a piece in the Portfolio. This is sent out to various art galleries and museums. Some people have been lucky enough to have their work sold or to get an exhibit as a result.

I have not been so lucky—but I continue to put a piece in.

This year’s piece is not portraiture as I usually do–but a piece constructed from an old quilt that was entirely to worn to do much with–not even teddy bears–I carefully took apart the remaining fabric that was still intact–and using my mother’s and grandmothers and great grandmother’s cardboard templates—cut from cereal boxes, I hand pieced as many parts of blocks that I could.

I was the recipient of my mother’s linen drawer and much of my grandmother’s as well. I used a hand towel for the base and appliqued those parts onto the towel, then quilted using a simple cross-hatch with variegated thread.

The backing is a feed sack I remember my grandmother placing over the items on the breakfast table that were never removed—salt and pepper shakers, butter dish, spoon jar, and sometimes a small plate with slices of bread. She didn’t have cockroaches as we do here in the South–mice in the fall but never cockroaches.


This is the second piece I’ve made in this series–not sure how many more I will make–probably depending on the amount of old fabric I can find—but not planning to deconstruct any more quilt tops.

Weir Portfolio photo SAQA 2016

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    How beautiful. I love to quilt.

    April 6, 2016

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