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Stars in His Eyes


For thirty years, the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild of Southeast Texas has been providing quilts for Boys Haven. These are boys who come from troubled families. The quilts add color to their beds and are for them to take home.

My dear friend and I have made several–denim ones with pockets and embroidered Texas; and then last year we decided to make them from guild workshops. We would collaborate on fabric–usually from our stash–some from mine and some from hers–she was in charge of cutting—and then we would work on them during the workshop–sometimes nearly completed, sometimes not–and then one of us would take it home and finish it.

It was my turn for the Hunter’s Star pattern. We had a central square of cowboys on horses and plain blue and white for the stars. It is a complex pattern and must be laid out correctly—-so I carefully laid out the half blocks. Picked them up. Sewed the rows together. And had four stars and the rest were a jumble of triangles in no particular pattern.

But “E” who was eight years old and in third grade spied that quilt amongst the pile; his eyes lit up and he grabbed that quilt up and ran out the door—not even waiting for a picture. I reminded him to do his homework–but he called back–he didn’t have any–it was Friday.

I do have a few pictures—and because they are from troubled families–faces were not allowed—so here is a row of them with just their feet peeping out.

They were all  so excited to get their quilts–the older ones trying to be nonchalant, the younger ones more verbal–but all of them clutched their quilts, thanked us, and two of them gave me hugs.

It is hard to imagine their life–and if a quilt can give them some small measure of joy—I always add a label with something encouraging and sign it Two Moms.




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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    I love it! What a beautiful ministry.

    April 3, 2016

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