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stalking the Great Blue

the first time I ever saw a Great Blue Heron was on the boat landing in Potosi Wisconsin. We lived in an old trailer parked in front of the main house of the brewery with the brewery that was still in operation at the time across the street. The main house was built of stone and had we known of it before the trailer park owner bought it–we would have—it was $2000–a fairly large sum for us at the time but it included a lot of property.

So we explored this little town–it curved down both sides of a valley leading to the Mississippi River. A train trestle was over the top of a tunnel and under and through there was the access to the boat ramp. Frequently in the spring time it was flooded and we waded around in the water.

Sometimes our LandCruiser would get stuck–a favorite hobby–how stuck can we get it and how are we going to get it out? But not so much fun when you are dressed for school—in those days it was dresses and hose and heels.

The girls in the group got to stand on the bumper–front or rear depending on situation and jump up and down while the guys did things with cables and other vehicles.

Birds are plentiful along the Mississippi but one of my favorites is the Great Blue. We managed to spy two at Anahuac—and here is one of them striding casually along looking for his supper.



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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    Beautiful. I love reading your blog!

    March 8, 2016
  2. Thanks Jeannie–I may be a bit guilty of doing too much remembering but for me it sets a context for the work. Hope you are doing well. I miss coming to Honduras so much but my health is just not stable enough now to do so. But you are all in my prayers.

    March 8, 2016

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