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Light and Shadows

This week’s photo assignment was to capture light without actually looking at the light. My best guess was to take photos of shadows. I wandered around our backyard with lots of blooming jonquils and snowdrops–all rather late this year and hundred year old crepe myrtles still all twigs and branches–no leaves yet.

While green is not my favorite color, there was a lot of it in our back yard.

I didn’t notice the anole until editing my photos. He was on the underneath of the leaf and I could see his little legs and feet as he clung upside down on the leaf.

Then there were some interesting shadows over the front door of the crepe myrtles.

So which one do  you like best?

Weir light and shadow

or a closer view

Weir light

or can you see the anole?

Weir Lighted Shadows

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  1. jmhouston #

    Like the over the door shadows, but the anole is just too clever! Thought how you are going to make the quilt yet?

    February 27, 2016
  2. My favorite is the closer view, it’s kind of abstract and I like that 🙂 but the anole shot is funny!

    February 27, 2016

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